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The Silicon Valley Business Travel Association (SVBTA) has been serving our members for over 30 years. Our membership is comprised of over 250 Silicon Valley business leaders responsible for the purchase of travel services with a total annual travel expenditure exceeding $1 Billion. 

SVBTA's goal is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas as we promote members’ growth and development through education and involvement. We present programs and opportunities to enhance the professionalism of our members and their employer organizations on issues which affect business while advancing knowledge through monthly seminars, lectures, events, publicity and other educational means.







Barbara Arena

2015-2016 President, Silicon Valley Business Travel Association

As we wrap up 2014 and move into 2015 we cannot forget to reflect back on the accomplishments and struggles we continue to be challenged with, in our personal and professional lives. Each year continues to come around faster than the next, and the time needed to accomplish tasks seems to be shorter. While we still have the same 24 hours each day, its how we utilize those precious hours is what makes a difference.

I joined SVBTA several years ago to gain additional experience in the continuing transformation of the travel industry. The monthly meetings, the networking, the opportunity on the Board as a Programs Director, Vice President and now as President has helped me to participate in conversations that I might never have engaged in if I didn’t hear about it from SVBTA. The ability to ask questions of the subject matter expert, to be better prepared for an internal Senior Management meeting within my department, has been well worth the investment each month.

SVBTA is your organization. I challenge each member to get more involved to obtain the most you can out of the organization and participate in changing the way SVBTA provides valuable resources and opportunities for you to grow in the industry. Silicon Valley is a booming area of change and technology and what better way to find out the latest that’s going on in the Travel Industry than by attending meetings as well as joining a committee. We all succeed when we work together to gain knowledge.

As the incoming SVBTA President, I look forward to working with you and listening to what you have to say. Please drop me a note or reach out to me when you have a moment. Here’s wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones.