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Education Day 2018 – A Special Message from Katie Loudon, Director of Education:

 “I am so excited for this year’s Education Day.  We have such a great lineup of speakers that focus on SVBTA’s key initiatives to Engage, Educate and Innovate.  The content revolves around Traveler Centricity. and while this may not be a “new” topic it has evolved with newer technology enhancing the traveler’s experience from pre- to post-trip. Starting with the booking process all the way through the expense report process – a true end-to end walk through of the technology, lodging, air, and expense procedure.  How are suppliers keeping up?  What new technology is out there to make the traveler and the travel manager’s life easier in shaping these experiences? I know attendees won’t be disappointed!  A big thank you to the Education Committee for all their help putting this together and our Programs Committee for all their help in executing the event!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!”


And! You won't want to miss our great speakers!

Traveler Centricity has evolved with newer technology enhancing the traveler’s experience from pre- to post-trip.  Be sure to register and learn how suppliers are innovating their programs to meet travelers expectations. Listen first hand to Experienced Travel Buyers who successfully integrate and leverage this technology to bring cost savings and measurable successes to their company.  Join in on round table discussions to take this knowledge to the next level.  READ MORE...

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Calendar of Events

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Pictured above: Makiko Barrett, Shane Downey, Jean Sloan and Michele Wilson

April 2018 “What did I miss?” – We were treated to a fabulous setting and wonderful lunch at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose and “What’s up with Government Affairs and who cares?” featuring Shawn Downey, former Government Relations Advisor to GBTA. The

Shane Downey provided an engaging and informative session to our April meeting attendees! He is a Government relations consultant for the Global Business Travel Association and spent the past ten years as their Director of Public Policy.

Shane provided a thorough summary of key issues related to our industry and explained how the GBTA committee members assure that chapters have a voice so that constituencies are being heard. He mentioned SVBTA’s Rick Wakida who is the GBTA Government Relations Committee Vice Chair, Michele Wilson a Committee Member as well as Michael Anderson, Director Government Relations – all working together to represent our interests. Here are the 2018 GBTA Issues:

FAA Reauthorization & ATC Reform, Infrastructure, PFCs, Security Fees, TSA Modernization, DHS Reauthorization, REAL ID and Biometric Exit

Passenger Facility Fees -

  • PFC increase NOT INCLUDED in final Omnibus Appropriations bill
  • Not Done Yet
    • Airports, travel groups, U.S. Travel Association (hotels, convention & visitors bureaus, tourism industry) led a letter signed by 145 groups and companies supporting the PFC increase
    • GBTA chapters mobilizing against the PFC

Security Fees -

  • Congress began charging passengers a per-flight security fee in 2012 to pay for the TSA following the September 11 terrorist attacks
  • President’s Budget proposed to invest $71 million in new equipment to make airport screening more effective and faster
    • Proposed to raise the TSA fees for each one-way ticket to $6.60 from $5.60, for the year starting Oct. 1.
    • Fee would also rise from $6.60 to $8.25 per one-way trip in 2020.
  • Impact on business travel
    • 2014 voted to use 60 cents for deficit reduction from the $5.60 security fee on each flight segment totaling $12.6 billion through 2023
    • Admin estimates a $2billion a year cost
  • It has been 12 years since the REAL ID Act was passed and half of the states have met the REAL ID minimum standards.
  • Biometric Exit - DHS goal to have biometric exit installed at the top 20 U.S. airports by early this year

Legislative Summit – June 4-6 Washington DC  - This year’s Legislative Summit will be held at the Ronald Reagen Building just blocks from the White House and Department of Transportation in downtown Washington DC.

And finally, have you ever asked yourself “Why should I donate to PAC?” GBTA’s Government Relations team fights to: Lower Travel Taxes. Create Better Infrastructure, Defend Passenger Rights and encourage travel. Simply put, GBTA advocacy keeps business moving! Business Travel PAC is a non-partisan PAC hat supports those elected officials who support the business travel community.  More pictures!



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Community Outreach

Community Outreach May 2018.

Child Advocates of Silicon Valley has helped foster children have better outcomes since 1986. They have done this by matching foster children with a trained Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). These dedicated community volunteers spend time with the child and become a trusted friend, mentor, and consistent adult presence in that child's life, speaking up for them in dependency court hearings.

More: .

Please continue to support the Mission City as they are our 2018 focus charity of the year and you can find out how to help by clicking this link:  Thank you for your support!

Michele Wilson

Community Outreach Director


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Annual Golf Classic




September 24th 10AM to 9PM is our Annual Golf Classic. We are pleased to announce that the event will be hosted by Silver Creek Valley Country Club in San Jose. WOW! Lots of COOL Sponsorship opportunities are available – check out the catalog and connect with our Director of Golf Chris Suarez [email protected] who can answer your questions. GOLF SPONSORSHIPS

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Welcome New Members

Please welcome our newest Membership Committee member, Kristen Olsson!

“What an exciting opportunity to be a part of the SVBTA 2018 Membership Committee! I am looking forward to welcoming our new members and those who are visiting us for the first time. We want everyone to feel a part of our amazing organization from the start. I will be introducing our new members to those who will be helpful to them in their SVBTA experience – so please be on the lookout for us and get to know our newcomers!”  

Kristen Olsson
Sales Manager | Northern California
T: 650 390 4911  | M: 650 390 4911
[email protected]

SVBTA Elections are coming in 2018!  Meet Board of Director and Treasurer, Monica Sagum

As our President Jean Sloan mentioned at the April meeting, several key Board of Director positions will be open for election in 2018. Openings will include the position of Treasurer. Monica Sagum, Area Sales Director at Embassy Suites, Milpitas has been our Treasurer for the past 2 terms or 4 years. She wanted to share some helpful information with those who may have an interest in running for this volunteer position.

What do you like about being the SVBTA Treasurer?

I wanted an opportunity to be highly involved in this chapter. Being Treasurer means becoming a big part of how the chapter functions by gaining allot of great insight to how things work behind the scenes. The position is flexible with my time and I like that.

What are some important elements of the position?

On a yearly basis, the Treasurer works with board members to create and finalize the annual budget. There is allot of research required and interaction to help everyone understand how the finances will fit in with their plans for each department to help everyone meet their goals.

What else is involved?

Taxes are part of the responsibilities too, we work with an accounting firm to ensure that our taxes are taken care of so I interact with them. We also create an annual report which is submitted to GBTA. On a monthly basis I prepare and review expenses and report all of these items back to the board at our board meeting.

What would you advise to anyone who is considering running for Treasurer this year?

This is a great learning experience! Be a detail oriented person who would always be sure that documents are correct. The position requires good collaboration skills with other board members and a strong desire to crunch the numbers!

NEW! Volunteer Opportunity – Treasurer Deputy position is open

If you are interested in a great learning opportunity to help Monica with her responsibilities as the SVBTA Treasurer, she is seeking a volunteer Treasurer Deputy to help support her with all the applicable functions. For more information contact Monica Sagum [email protected]


Meet Our Latest new Members HERE

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Sponsor Opportunities

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities are now OPEN!

The Sponsorship Committee welcomes sponsorship inquires for our 2018 monthly meetings & events!

Contact [email protected] for more information.


Thank you to our 2018 Platinum Sponsor Alaska Airlines!  Find out about the #Worldwide Wanderer on their blog and see Hong Kong through the eyes of a first-time visitor!


Thank you 2018 Star Sponsors!

We appreciate the generous support of Alaska Airlines, Norwegian, Southwest Corporate Travel, Emirates, Langham, Cathay Pacific and United Airlines our 2018 Star Sponsors! Please look for our Star Sponsor meeting banner every time you attend as we are proud to display their logos at our monthly events. Tom Moore, Director Sales for Southwest is pictured here next to the Star Sponsor banner while addressing our attendees in April. Thank you Tom and Southwest Corporate Travel!

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