Community Engagement Committee

Community Engagement is pleased to share information about on-going Silicon Valley volunteer opportunities:

  • Volunteer Center of Silicon Valley  Connects volunteers with community needs and promote volunteerism in Santa Clara County and the greater Silicon Valley. 
  • One Brick Supports community organizations by creating a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment for those interested in making a concrete difference in the community. 

Volunteer Information within the cities that comprise Silicon Valley:


Call to Action

As one of the largest and most active of the GBTA member organizations representing one of the most dynamic business travel environments in the world, our organization has stepped up to a leadership position.  No matter what our business issues are, we know we are lucky to have them, when the issues of so many adults and children revolve around a safe place to sleep, decent clothes, something to eat, adequate medical care and a school that can focus on learning, not how to dodge bullets and gang wars. In addition, sometimes even a little fun that can lighten the burden.

The Community Engagement Committee recognizes that with demanding professional and personal lives, it is hard for all of us to find time for “just one more thing”.  However, we believe because the needs are so great and members are generous and talented, you will find a way to support charitable activities.   The Committee is striving to offer a broad range of opportunities and we welcome new ideas. 

The Community Engagement Committee, established in the spring of 2011, provides direction for GBTA, Silicon Valley Chapter’s support of non-profits in the Bay Area.  Within the broad guidelines set by the membership, it is the Committee’s responsibility to determine a non-profit’s suitability for the Engagement program through research and direct contact. Once approved, committee members then work with the Marketing Committee to present the needs of the non-profit through web-links, postings on websites, meeting presentations and other communication channels. 

The most exciting aspect of the Engagement Committee is it is still evolving. Members have the opportunity to help shape how GBTA, Silicon Valley Chapter conducts its charitable giving in a socially meaningful and responsible manner.   Becoming directly involved in helping others is fun and personally rewarding. Committee membership is open to all members and we hope you will join us.    Please send your contact information to [email protected].

We look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your support.

The Community Engagement Committee

Community Engagement Committee
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Community Engagement Committee
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